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Q: What does “Couldn’t find more new targets from: therock” mean?

>> Mostly this means that there wasn’t enough targets on that target usernames (Maybe this source is a small account, or this account’s posts are not getting enough likes/comments etc to target more users from it (if we’re targeting post engagers I.e. likers and commenters ).).

Q: What does “Couldn’t find target: therock in search results” mean?

>> This is straightforward. Mostly this means that either this username no longer exists (maybe that target account got disabled or that user changed the username of that account) Or Things are not loading properly on this account (maybe there is no internet connection available on this phone at that moment, or our account got shadowbanned or something so that nothing is getting fetched from Instagram.) (To confirm this, you could look the images in “slotx error screenshots” in logs your PC to ascertain the proper cause for your issue.)


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=> If you are able to get the Udid using the “Get Device ID (UDID).bat” file, but still the automation is not starting.
> Then no need to worry, it’s just some settings on some phones that need to be enabled/disabled.
Just visit this page for it:



See FAQ’s for run time errors Here: