Q) How to do location targeting.



Location Targeting works exatly same how Hashtag targeting works, entering each target keyword per line, in “Target List” field. And selecting “LOCATION” in “Target Type” field.

The only difference is that,  in Location Targeting we need to be very careful while entering the targets. The target keyword has to exactly match the search result words in the bold letters.


For example, Lets assume we write “Warsaw” keyword in our target list. Then the bot will do the search on IG, and will choose the result which exactly matches the “Warsaw” word in bold. (i.e. the 3rd entry in the below image)





Similarly, lets assume you want to target the 2nd search result entry in the above image. Then in your target list, you’ll add “Warsaw Old Town”. (without the double quotes signs) (And note, each character should match exatly, if in the search results some charaters are capital, then you should also write them as capital, like the starting W, O and T characters of each word in “Warsaw Old Town” ).