Client's Instagram Acc Getting Action Blocks?

Not Anymore!

Automate your Precious Accounts on Real Phones!

Why Automate on Real Phones?

Avoid High Risks

Logging in IG accounts via bots put your Client’s Precious Accounts on a very high risk of getting banned!

Safest Automation Solution in the World

Currently, directly automating accounts on real Phones via which you manage their accounts is the safest solution out there.

Real Human-Like Working

NecroMancer IG emulates how you normally open, browse, visit profiles, and do other actions on Instagram’s Official App.

How to Use Video-Guide Playlist

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Start saving £50 spent on every 4G proxy and server costs.

Start using your own phone's 4g data for IG Acc growth.

Pricing: upto £10 per account per month.

upto £4.9 per account for multiple purchases.

(discounted only till Beta-Testing lasts)

Chat Right Now to Know the Detailed Pricing and Start Testing immediately!

Going PRIVATE SOON! (As soon as enough users are onboard)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I automate multiple user accounts on single mobile?

    Yes. How many? Generally, there’s not enough time in 1 day to automate more than 3/4 accounts on 1 phone if they’re doing decent number of actions.

  • How many mobile can one PC control?

    Theoretically kind of unlimited. The only limiting factor is that, how powerful is the PC (ram, cpu, etc.).
    I’ve seen people automating 90 mobiles via ADB from a single PC with 32GB ram and some powerful CPU (I don’t remember the CPU name exactly).

  • Is it undetectable? Is it safe?

    Yes, It is completely undetectable to apps. Like whether they are getting run by a real human or getting automated.
    (Automation via ADB sends device input actions (touch/tap/swipe) directly to the android OS (as if they are sent by the real touchscreen)
    and Android OS passes those inputs to the app.
    Just like how your (real human) touch/tap/swipe on the real touchscreen sends the input actions to the Android OS and then Android OS passes those input actions to the App.
    So, for the app, both are exactly the same, as, it is only talking to Android OS.)

    It is as safe as if you hire some person to do the exact same Actions.
    But do note that even real humans will get action blocks if they do too many actions. So, just use the settings accodingly.

  • Will the feature of Autoposting/Reposting will be added?

    Yes, we are working on it. It’ll soon be completed.

  • How does your system scrape data?

    There’s no need for scraping. I only put things into place what and how a normal human would do.
    Which is selecting/visiting target profiles via seeing them in comment sections, people who liked the post.

  • Does it have the function where I can enter a list of pre scraped usernames, and the bot just interact with those accounts?

    Yes. Just select “DIRECT ACCOUNTS” as the target type in target settings. And add your target usernames (one username per each line).

  • Can it target all the followers of the target account?

    I mean I can program it to do that but that is not very humane. No real human just goes about swiping through 50k followers of a single account. And I think doing that will flag the account. It’ll be best to get that targeted bulk scraping done from outside and add that list to NecoMancer IG as targets to Engage with.

  • How have you coded the unfollowing? Does it only unfollow people you have followed?

    Yes, that setting is also available now.

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