Why Automate on Real Phones?

Avoid High Risks

Logging in IG accounts via bots put your Client’s Precious Accounts on a very high risk of getting banned!

Safest Automation Solution in the World

Currently, directly automating accounts on real Phones via which you manage their accounts is the safest solution out there.

Real Human-Like Working

NecroMancer IG emulates how you normally open, browse, visit profiles, and do other actions on Instagram’s Official App.

How to Use Video-Guide Playlist

Settings Screenshots

List of a few prominent Features:

- It has various modules like: Follow Module,
Unfollow Module,
Likes Module,
Comments Module,
Reposting Module*,
Sending Welcome DMs to new Followers Module,
Outbound DMs Sending Module*,
and many more coming soon... (you can also suggest any module or feature. And that'll also be added as soon as possible!)
- It supports Targetting users from Hashtags & Locations (Both Latest and Top), Competitor accounts, and also targetting the directly provided scraped list.
- It supports targetting people specifically liking or commenting on posts from above provided target sources. (and from followers or followings list directly of above Competitor accounts.)
- It supports various Target account filter settings as well, like:
Posts Count, Followers Count, Followings Count, Verified account, Accounts having website Link, Ignoring if containing blacklisted words, Or only engaging if containing certain words, etc.
- Supports FollowBacks ratio tracking from each target source, and auto removal of bad target sources.
- Sending Welcome DMs and Outbound DMs support "Nested Spintax" (like: {Hi|Hello{ Sir| Sire}}, How are you. ) and "Dynamic Text Replacement" (for texts like username, fullname, firstname etc)
- Supports auto shifting of Welcome DM to "General Tab" after sending it.
- Supports doing random Likes and/or comments on random posts before/after doing the Follow.
- Supports Muting Posts and Stories after doing the Follow.
- In Unfollow Module, it supports:
Unfollowing only the users which were followed by the bot,
Do the unfollow action after certain set amount of time has passed,
Sort the list by Earliest 1st,
Supports Doing Unfollow by search,
Users whitelisting (bot will never unfollow them).
- Supports sharing of posts from certain accounts to our stories (with that post being tagged in the story).
- Supports setting Hourly, Daily and Weekly limits on the Modules. And setting the Specific Times between which only the bot should run.
- Supports PROXY/IP Changing via:
1) Enabling and Disabling AEROPLANE MODE before each session which switches proxy for most ISPs.
2) Loading provided Urls for proxy change.
- It supports automating the IG app on any emulator and any real Android device. And also any cloned variation of the IG app on those devices.
- It supports auto diagonising of any anomalies/crashes, and auto continues from where it was.
- And the most important thing! It's very EASY TO USE.

# HUMAN EMULATION (the main bread and butter of the NecroBot):
- Supports Random Human Emulation browsing of target accounts before/after doing the Target actions.
- Supports Random Human Emulation browsing of Stories, Feed, Explorer Pages* (including hashtag and location explorer pages), Reels browsing, etc. (with many more complex Randomized workflows yet to come*)
- Supports even more Random Human actions while emulating post browsing like swiping carousels, viewing videos, emulating comments reading, etc. With settings to set small probabilities to randomly like, comment, save and share (with certain users) post, and liking random comments, replying to random comments, etc. And randomly visiting certain user pofiles and emulating viewing them, etc etc. (And theres a lot more... which is yet to come...)
- A lot of small small things, like when visiting users/target sources etc, if they are already present in "recent"(searches), then the bot will directly visit them from there instead of typing and seaching them, etc.
- Plus we're very open to user suggetions, and try to implement almost all the things that user suggest, so yeah it'll keep getting better and better... Hope to see you in soon...

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