Updates Tracker

(11 June 2022) From now on updates/changes will be mentioned on this link:

08 Jan 2022 Update

>> Added Options for Setting multiple types of Target sources simultaneously (in target data settings).

>> Pong Pong Pong! Explorer Page Browsing has finally been Added!

>> A small hack for removing Specific (/Inactive) followers.

>> Fixed the bug that came in a few day’s back update, which was making red color of blocks show as green on main dashboard.

>> In other earlier inbetween updates added:  

>> Display of main/importaint/critical informations on the main dashboard itself at one place. (To make it easier to manage a large number accounts from 1 place.) (also with color codings, move cursor over respective slotIds to see the actual messages.).

1 : RED = Row High Priority Color (Occurs when growth is completly halted and action is required for continuation)

2 : ORANGE = Row Medium Priority Color (Occurs when growth is not halted completely but is somehow restricted.)

3 : YELLOW = Row Low Priority Color (Occurs when growth is continueing but some minor action maybe needed.)

4 : LIGHT YELLOW/CREAMY= Row Very Low Priority Color (Some minor Info/details are present)


01 Dec 2021 Update

>> Added showing of “Engagement done Today + in last 3 days” on the main dashboard itself, for each slot.

>> Shifted “asking for mobile lock” from 1-time per slot to 1-time per device. And some other small related modifications.

>> Improved taking care of properly handling comments viewing when the captions were way too long.

>> Took care of the issue/crash at “Opening App on Device…“. And sometimes the app was not able to start on the phone and kept on crashing.

>> And some other internal improvements.

23 Nov 2021 Update

>> Auto-removing of bad Target-Source (based on set settings) Feature added.

>> Dynamic Text Replacement Feature added for DMs sending.

>> And some other important internal improvements.