Get more engagement, followers, and leads without lifting a finger.

With NecroMancer IG's extensive range of modules,
you can easily automate your Instagram growth strategy and
focus on what really matters.


Avoid High Risks

– Completely Human Fingerprint
– Audience Segmentation
– DM Automation
– Mute Posts and Stories after Follow
– Random Human Actions
– Suggest a feature you like

Avoid High Risks

Logging in IG accounts via bots put your Client’s Precious Accounts on a very high risk of getting banned!

Safest Automation Solution in the World

Currently, directly automating accounts on real Phones via which you manage their accounts is the safest solution out there.


Real Human-Like Working

NecroMancer IG emulates how you normally open, browse, visit profiles, and do other actions on Instagram’s Official App.

World's First to Have Completely Human Heatmap

  • Random Browsing of target accounts before/after completing actions.
  • Random Emulation of stories ,  feed , explore page , hashtags , likes.
  • Build a targeted list with options like follower count, verified accounts.
  • Share post from certain accounts to your story (with that post tagged in the story).
  • Target users from- hashtag ,location , and competitor accounts.


  • Smart enough to visit a targeted customer from recent searches.
  • Random visits to some profiles and view likes and comments.
  • Send welcome and other DM with dynamic text replacement like username, first name.
  •  Set Hourly, Daily and Weekly limits on run time of account.
  •  Supports Follow back ratio tracking and auto removal    of bad target sources.


AND Here's the best part- Suggest a feature and we'll make it available!

A few of our Noteworthy Features


Follow Module


Discover Instagram users within your niche effortlessly and gain their attention by automatically following them. Utilize our intelligent filters to pinpoint the most relevant users who are likely to follow you back.

  • Follow Back Ratio Tracking: Monitor and optimize your follow-back strategy to maximize engagement.
  • Human emulations: Like and Comment after following a user.
  • Weekly customized scheduling option.
  • Prevent spamming and get blocked by users.




Unfollow Module


Maintain a manageable following list by unfollowing users who haven’t reciprocated your follow after a designated timeframe



  • Whitelist customization to prevent unfollowing users.
  • Sort/Un sort customization to unfollow.
  • Custom limit set for daily and per hour unfollow.
  • Human emulations unfollow type to avoid getting spam.
  • Weekly customized scheduling option.



Like Module


Discover captivating images on Instagram and engage with them by automatically liking them, sparking notifications to potential followers who resonate with your content.

  • Custom like limit per hour/day settings
  • Weekly customized scheduling option.
  • Comment option available after liking a post.
  • Human emulation to avoid getting spam.






Comment Module


Explore intriguing images within your niche and leave thoughtful comments. Ensure your comments are creative and original, reflecting your unique perspective.


  • Custom comment limit per hour/day settings.
  • Weekly customized scheduling option.
  • Human emulation to avoid getting spam.









Story-Like Module


NecroMancer IG replicates your typical interactions on the Instagram Official App, including opening, browsing, visiting profiles, and performing other actions.

  • Customize like stories with random selections.
  • Send outbound DM while viewing stories.
  • Skip story view customization available.
  • React to stories instead of liking them.
  • Human emulation to avoid getting spam.








Re-Posting Module


Discover exceptional posts within your niche and share them on your accounts. By featuring high-quality content from others on your timeline, you’ll broaden your sphere of influence and engage your audience effectively.


  • Image/Post/Reels scrapping available.
  • Custom parameters are available for a better scrapping experience.
  • Customise set blacklist User Ids to prevent any action on them.
  • Customise set blacklist words to prevent any action on them.
  • Customise set whitelist words to take action only on them.
  • Weekly customized scheduling option.




Contact Prospects


Stay connected with your fans effortlessly using NecroMancer IG. Set it up to automatically respond to new messages or send a welcome message to new followers, all from one convenient platform.

  • Automate your direct messages while maintaining a personal touch and ensuring your messages resonate with your audience.
  • Maintain a clean and unobtrusive following strategy by muting posts and stories from accounts you follow.
  • Our tool mimics human behavior, ensuring that your account’s interactions appear natural and authentic.





Human Emulation

NecroMancer IG replicates your typical Instagram interactions, from opening the app to browsing, visiting profiles, and performing various actions, mirroring the experience on the official Instagram app.

  • Human-like posts/videos/reels liking.
  • Human-like post/video saving.
  • Human-like commenting on posts/videos.
  • Human-like random comment likings on a post.
  • Human-like reply to a random comment.
  • Human-like profile view and follow a user/page.



Misc Features

  • Automatically mutes posts and stories from followed accounts to seamlessly blend into your feed without disruption.
  • Automatically moves Welcome Direct Messages to the “General Tab” after sending
  • Supports automated detection and resolution of anomalies or crashes, ensuring uninterrupted operation and resuming from the last known position
  • And a lot more …


Here's what our clients say about us

“I have been a partner with Necromancer for about 2 years. Previously, I used about 10 account growth programs. The number of actions per day was only about 10 to 15. (PC based) However,with Necromancer, the number of actions per day increased 40 times. (400~600/per day) Of course, there are no problems with the instagram account, the cost is saved and the growth rate is increased. I want to remain a business partner with Necromancer for the rest of my life, even if it’s not on Instagram.”


Lee Taein

CEO, SNS Supporter

“The best organic IG growth solution available in the market. Easy to use. Many features are available which you can use according to your preference and the Admin is good with support and keeps updating the service with the requests sent by us. The growth is good, the platform is safe, and it’s an excellent way to work on Instagram. Some of my accounts have grown to 150-200 followers per day. Necromancer is much better than other solutions available in the market because it’s pretty safe and others give a lot of blocks.”

Varun Bharve

CEO, Rack up Social

“I’m gaining from 100 Followers to 500 Followers a month for each account.

This is currently getting my pages a lot of monetary traffic.
Easiest to setup.
The Support Team is not only the fastest out there, but also the friendliest at the same time. There hasnt been a problem which wasnt solved right away.”


Timo Ockert


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