Client's Instagram Account Getting Action Blocks?

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Get more engagement, followers, and leads without lifting a finger. With Necro Mancer IG's extensive range of modules, you can easily automate your Instagram growth strategy and focus on what really matters


Avoid High Risks

– Completely Human Fingerprint

– Audience Segmentation

– DM Automation

– Mute Posts and Stories after Follow

– Random Human Actions

– Suggest a feature you like

Why Automate on Real Phones?

Avoid High Risks

We understand your clients accounts are PRECIOUS and you don’t want them to be action blocked

Safest Automation Solution in the World

Directly automate accounts on real Phones via which you manage accounts it is the safest solution

Real Human-Like Working

NecroMancer IG emulates just like a human opens, browses, visits profiles, and does other actions.

Sneak Peek into our Software

Modules on Offer

Likes Module

Engagement Module

Human Module

230+ customisations on offer

But Wait ,We know what works and what doesn't

Completely optimised, plug-in and boom

Is your answer a "yes" to any of the questions below?

We have just the perfect solution for YOU!

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  • Web Based API’ leading to bans

  • No Human Emulations -Bans

  • No feature add on

  • Android App based Automation- Safest

  • Random Human Emulations

  • Suggest a feature you want

World's First to Have Completely Human Heatmap

  • Random Browsing of target accounts before/after completing actions.

  • Random Emulation of stories ,  feed , explore page , hashtags , likes.

  • Build a targeted list with options like follower count, verified accounts.

  • Share post from certain accounts to your story (with that post tagged in the story).

  • Target users from- hashtag ,location , and competitor accounts.

  • Smart enough to visit a targeted customer from recent searches.

  • Random visits to some profiles and view likes and comments.

  • Send welcome and other DM with dynamic text replacement like username, first name.

  •  Set Hourly, Daily and Weekly limits on run time of account.

  •  Supports Follow back ratio tracking and auto removal of bad target sources.

Here's the best part- Suggest a feature and we'll make it available

Save 80+ man hours on




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You're never wasting time with the smartest tool

  • Automatically mutes posts and stories of acccounts it followed -you don’t face any difference in your feed
  • Auto shifting of Welcome DM to “General Tab” after sending DM.
  • Supports auto diagonising of any anomalies/crashes, and auto continues from last position.

Who is this Saas for?

Agency Owners


Business Owners


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Start using your phone's data for IG Acc growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I automate multiple user accounts on single mobile?

Yes. Generally, for growth, our clients use 3/4 accounts on 1 phone.

Is it safe?

Everything in this software is completely HUMAN .

(Automation sends device input actions (touch/tap/swipe) directly to the android phone (as if they are sent by the real touchscreen).

Just like how your (real human) touch/tap/swipe on the real touchscreen sends the input actions to the Android app. 

So, for the app, both are exactly the same.

It is as safe as if you hire some person to do the exact same Actions.

Is the feature of Autoposting/Reposting present?

Scheduling and Reposting Options are available 🙂

How does your system scrape data?

There's no need for scraping. It only put things into place what and how a normal human would do.

For instance,  selecting/visiting target profiles via seeing them in comment sections, people who liked the post.

Does it have the function where I can enter a list of pre scraped usernames, and the bot just interact with those accounts?
Yes. Just select “DIRECT ACCOUNTS” as the target type in target settings. And add your target usernames (one username per each line).
Can it target all the followers/followings/post Likers/post commenters of the target account/hashtag or location?

Yes, all these features/settings are present. And many more coming soon......

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